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Unlocking Supply Chain Value

At ValuPoint our expertise lies in supply chain value improvement, lean operational excellence, and manufacturing organisation design.

About ValuPoint

Delivering lasting business results and an improvement capability

About ValuPoint

In partnership with our clients, our purpose is to deliver lasting business results and a continuous improvement capability. We work with businesses of all sizes in the consumer packaged goods industry. Our deep knowledge of operations management and unique experience in global supply chain transformation sets us apart.

About Ed Koch

Ed is a Senior Executive with global expertise in supply chain transformation, M&A support and lean operations management. During his 22-year career with AB InBev, SABMiller and Unilever, he has either run operations or led transformations in Africa, Europe, Latin America, USA, Australia and China. Ed holds an MSc in Lean Operations Management, is a UK Chartered Engineer, and Fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers.

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Unlocking Supply Chain Value

ValuPoint identifies business opportunities and supports its clients to close performance gaps against industry benchmarks. We have particular expertise in establishing systemic multi-site collaboration and improvement.

Operational Excellence

How to build stable operations and unlock value through continuous improvement? ValuPoint combines extensive practical experience with deep operations management expertise to support client transformation.

Manufacturing Organisation Design

Sound Organisation Design is fundamental to world class performance and people effectiveness. ValuPoint have extensive experience in developing team-based structures with clear accountability at all levels.

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Capacity Expansion through Organisation Design

Capacity increase through the same assets.

Irish Distillers Pernod Ricard was experiencing mid double-digit sales growth due to the success of their brands. Firstly, we re-designed their shift patterns and applied production smoothing based on the projected ten year demand and existing production capacity. Secondly, a team-based organisation design was developed that included structures, clear leadership, specialist skills, common goals and role descriptions for manufacturing and warehouse operations.

The redesigned shift pattern delivered a 24% capacity increase through the same assets, with headspace to double capacity as demand grows. The new organisation design step changed capability to meet future growth by providing a mix of operational and specialist skills working in multi-disciplinary teams that are focused on common goals.



Expert Communities of Practice

Communities of Practice established

‘At Accolade Wines, ValuPoint established global Communities of Practice to deliver sustained multi-site improvement across the group. The Communities are global experts working as virtual teams to develop solutions in order to improve performance in Safety, Quality, and Energy use. This has been a fundamental shift in our way of working. It has created a more globally aligned business that is focused on continuous improvement.’

(Global Supply Chain and Operations Director, Accolade Wines)

Delivering Supply Chain Value

Annualised savings delivered.

By leveraging global manufacturing performance benchmarks at SABMiller, we established a multi-year program that applied internal best practice at our 120+ operations to deliver significant savings in the global supply chain. Benchmarks were established for each metric to create a ‘performance gap’. Global experts were mobilised to codify, share and teach the best practices.

We ultimately delivered $547m in annualised savings over three years and targeted over $1.0bn in a five year timeframe. Improvements were also made in quality and service as the program snowballed with people contributing best practice ideas from all operations.

Continuous Improvement at a Global Brewer

Manufacturing savings over two years

Read this detailed case study of how Ed Koch of ValuPoint led the global continuous improvement effort at SABMiller with remarkable success.

View case study

Why Does Equipment Fail?

Underlying causes of equipment failure

This video introduces the underlying causes of equipment failure and how Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) can combat this.


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